VLSI Laboratory rules

Must also see “Règlements d’utilisation informatique de Polytechnique”

1.2. Using the documentation

1.2.1. Short term loan

A user has the right to borrow a short-term manual. Short term means a period not exceeding one (1) hour. The user must report his loan to the network administrator and the users of the laboratory.

1.2.2. Storage

A user has the right to barrow manuals to consult it inside the laboratory (or outside, in accordance with the regulation 1.2.1). However, he is responsible for putting it back on the shelves at the same place where it was originally procured.

1.3. Using workstations

1.3.0. Using workstations

It is forbidden to remove labels and move stations.

1.3.1. Disconnecting the workstations 

It is strictly forbidden to disconnect or use workstation network wires or any other wire (mouse, keyboard, display).

1.3.2. Restarting workstations

Unless completely frozen – it is forbidden to restart a workstation under any circumstances. The only individual with this right is the network administrator. However, it is strongly recommended for experienced users to try to unblock a station by canceling processes, using the command eg: (“kill” of UNIX) .

1.3.3. Switching off the machines

It is strictly forbidden to power off a station.

1.3.4. Moving equipment

It is strictly forbidden to move laboratory equipment.

1.3.5. Freeze consoles

It is strictly forbidden to lock the use of a console under any circumstances. Therefore, the use of software like LockScreen or Xlock is strictly prohibited. A logoff is recommended. 

1.3.6. Appropriate Workstations 

A workstation user may be absent for an extended period of up to 30 minutes without having to disconnect from the system. It must, however, leave a note near the station stating its departure time and expected return time. During this absence, another user may take possession of the workstation while being aware that he / she will have to hand over the station to the main user on his / her return. If the principal user does not take care of writing his / her note, he runs the risk of losing his priority on the workstation.

2.1. Priorities during laboratory hours

Undergraduate students have priority on all laboratory workstations (except those marked “Reserved”) during their assigned laboratory hours. These hours are posted on the main bulletin board. If some stations remain available during these hours, graduate students may use them knowing that they will have to give up their position if other undergraduate students make the request.

2.2. Priorities outside laboratory hours

Users who are enrolled in a VLSI undergraduate course have priority over workstations outside of laboratory hours. If all stations marked with this designation are occupied, the undergraduate user may use another workstation with the understanding that he or she will have to give way if a graduate student requests it.

3.1 Food and drink

It is strictly forbidden to drink or eat in the laboratory.

3.2 Personal effects

There is no right to leave papers or other belongings anywhere in the laboratory. It is forbidden to deposit anything on the equipment of the laboratory.

3.3. Paper and trash

It is forbidden to leave out papers or other waste. Garbage cans are provided and recycling bins are provided for recyclable paper.

3.4. Noise 

It is strictly forbidden to shout, speak excessively loud or play music in the laboratory. The use of a earphones is allowed and recommended in this case.

3.5. Chairs 

Users leaving the laboratory will have to replace the chairs they used under the table.

4.1 Knowledge of the regulations

Every new user will have to read and comply with the regulations of the laboratory.